Jonas Nipkow

Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND e.V.)

I am a driven individual who has founded and led high impact projects and start-ups. My journey in the social entrepreneurship scene has led me to significant roles in renowned organisations. I have initiated projects such as an app that facilitates charitable donations through advertising revenue, a collaborative art project that uses fashion to bridge perspectives, and an organisation that supports displaced creatives during the refugee crisis. My most recent venture, habibiberlin, an unconventional fashion brand that aims to promote unity, break down stereotypes and celebrate diversity, is another example of my commitment to positive change.

As well as being a social entrepreneur myself, my time at Ashoka, the largest global support network for social innovators, has allowed me to support others on their start-up journey. In a similar role, I am currently a project manager at the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany, where I contribute to the Social Economy Berlin project.

With this background, I continue to channel my passion into making a tangible difference in our world. Let's connect and work together to create meaningful impact.

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