Alisa Chernyshova

The Void Aromas

Аlisa Chernyshova, originally from the USSR, departed Russia in 2013. Due to a mixed-culture family (Finnish-ukranian father, Jewish-russian mother) always was trying to learn as much as possible. She has a degree in political journalistic, but like to stay creative. She delved into the world of handcrafting, specializing in soap making, candles, and fragrances. Her journey led her to Thailand, where she resided for five years, continuing her studies in perfumery through remote education. Back in Russia, she established her own individual business, a venture she later closed upon relocating to Germany in 2017. Through these transitions, she maintained her creative pursuits, managing her endeavors until the outbreak of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, she successfully rekindled her business in Germany, enlisting the expertise of an accountant, and once again thriving in the realm of handcrafting.

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